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Shandong Daye comes to Frankfurt RheinMain

Shandong Daye Eschborn

Shandong Daye, a company specializing in the extraction and processing of metals, is opening its first German branch in Eschborn. The move was supported by FrankfurtRheinMain GmbH International Marketing of the Region (FRM GmbH) and the Eschborn Economic Development Agency.

Adnan Shaikh, Mayor of the City of Eschborn: "Eschborn is part of the dynamic Frankfurt RheinMain region and offers international companies numerous advantages - including an excellent infrastructure, short distances, proximity to Frankfurt International Airport and an outstanding quality of life. We are internationally networked and offer innovative companies the best conditions to write their economic success story here. The establishment of Shandong Daye not only enriches the business location in Eschborn, but also the entire Frankfurt RheinMain region."

Shandong Daye Co Ltd. was founded in 2003 in the Chinese city of Zhucheng (Shandong province). The company is active in the mining industry and specializes in the extraction and processing of copper. Shandong Daye operates its own mines and sells the copper extracted there both in China and on the international market. Copper is an indispensable raw material for the automotive, electronics and construction industries as well as in the renewable energy sector. According to its own statements, the company attaches great importance to quality and sustainability in the production of its products and strives to use environmentally friendly processes. Shandong Daye is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and currently has around 6,500 employees worldwide. In 2021, turnover amounted to around 823 million euros, of which around 55 million euros were generated in Europe.

In Eschborn, Shandong Daye and its German subsidiary Daye Europe GmbH are setting up a customer service and service center to promote the sale of steel wire, steel wire ropes and tubular steel wire for car tires, truck tires, technical tires and other types of pneumatic tires to the company's European customers.

"The establishment of Shandong Daye is further proof that Frankfurt RheinMain is a magnet for international companies. We offer these companies the best conditions to position themselves successfully in Germany and Europe and to establish and expand contacts with their European customers," says Eric Menges, President & CEO of FRM GmbH.

Both FRM GmbH and the Eschborn Economic Development Agency supported Shandong Daye throughout the entire relocation process.

FRM GmbH's China team supported the company with location information and real estate searches both via the international location marketing office in China and on site in Frankfurt RheinMain.

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